Micro (-brewed) Capital Audiofest

I’m heading out to Gary Gill’s place in Baltimore today for a day of audio and microbrews.

Micro-CAF is here!

Gary’s got a bunch of locals swinging by with gear and beer for an all-afternoon party to celebrate all things audio, pretty much six months out from the big to-do in Silver Spring this year.

The point will be to hang out and listen to some music. I hear that there’ll be demos and some local luminaries will undoubtedly preach to the choir on some topics, but there will also be beer. Ahem. Anyway, I’ll have some pics tomorrow (-ish). Here’s the lineup:

  • Mapleshade Records – Pierre Sprey
  • Ralph Helmer – Surreal Speakers
  • Bill Hutchins – LKV Research Phono Stages
  • Tim Stinson – Luminous Audio
  • Aaron Hoffman – Kanso Audio Furniture

See you there!