CAF 2013: Volti Audio (updated)



Check out that beautiful red gum finish on Greg Roberts’ Volti Vittora loudspeaker ($17,500), with a pair of matching subwoofers ($2,500 each) … Mmm, mmm, delish. This brand new set is already sold to a happy show goer. Rats! And I was so hoping to swipe ’em ….

The tall Aluras were throwing a tremendous soundstage into the generously-sized room, with dynamics and enough bass punch to work as a pacemaker. Ska-doosh.

A BorderPatrol parallel SE 300b amp and a Wells Audio stereo amp were alternating duty, with an EMM Labs front end.










  1. The speakers looked beautiful this year, looks like they have upgraded their woodwork???
    Sounded big and powerful!

  2. First thing that risks breaking my “nothing is worth more than $10k for audio gear” rule. Every year the Vittoras look and sound better – in part because each year he has better associated gear and room. I would take a pair of these over an original pair of klipsch la Scala any day. They are better in every way. It’s more than a pair of speakers. This guy is half Chippendale, half Stradivari. Bravo!

  3. I have to say that I had zero idea that Red Gum would look so stunning on a pair of speakers. I should know by no that Greg always makes everything come alive:)

  4. Have to say this was a great sounding setup. The high sensitivity really allowed the Aluras to produce high dynamics without congestion. That bass packs quite a wallop – you can really feel it in your gut, yet it was still articulate and integrated well with the midrange and treble. I might have to go back and have a listen on Sunday!

  5. A fantastic room. I remember the first Capital Audio Show, which may have been the 1st showing (?) of Volti Speakers. I think the price then was somewhere in the ballpark of 6G-8G, with some kind of show special throw in. Should have both a pair! They sounded good then (under less than ideal conditions), they sound even better now. A gorgeous looking and sounding system. Someone got a very nice buy.

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