CAF 2013: Fidelis AV, Red Wine Audio, Harbeth (updated!)

Vinnie and Alexis from Red Wine Audio had a full setup behind the Harbeth 30.1 loudspeakers, including a fully loaded Isabella pre ($6,000 as configured), a finally finalized, ready-to-deliver Signature 57 and a pair of Liliana monos in walnut. Tellurium Q cables were used throughout.

Snappy tunes, dynamics and tone — all running off battery. On the grid? So yesterday! I mentioned to Vinnie that the sound here was a bit smooth — he told me he forgot to bring along a pair of 6H30 tubes for the Isabella (he’s sending me a pair to use), which he says would straighten that “issue” out. In the meantime, this was a “big tone” room — those Harbeth loudspeakers may well be the best in that line.

Oh, and did I mention that half this stuff accidentally-on-purpose fell into my car on the way out? Hee hee!