Gary Gill’s Magic Horn Loudspeakers | CAF 2017

A glimpse of Gary’s horn

Back in 2016, Gary Gill of Capital Audiofest fame demonstrated his latest DIY creation: A Voxativ-based horn speaker, constructed of gelcoat fiberglass and birch 10-ply. At this time last year his horns were sans bass cabinet, however the audible progress was proving to be coming along well.

Words and Photos by Eric Franklin Shook

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon at CAF 2017 and Gary’s horns are nowhere to be found at the show. Meeting up later that evening with a few manufacturing buddies, I asked “Did Gary pull his horn project from the show this year?” To which my friends replied, “We’re going over to Gary’s to hear them tonight. Come with us!”

I could not pass up a chance to hear Gary’s horns again. We arrived: there’s a spread, a tour of the house, and finally the listening room.  Artfully cozy, and as fun a place I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to music. It is probably 100% true that Gary’s horns sound better in his listening space, but it would be nice to see them back at the show one day.