Børresen M3 | AXPONA 2023

Børresen m3

As I mentioned in my AXPONA 2023 Highlights report, one of the biggest surprises at the show was the introduction, late Thursday night, of the new Børresen M3 speakers. It was exactly a year ago, at AXPONA 2022, when I first heard the Børresen M1 monitors, and that launched a journey that still hasn’t ended.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

The Børresen M1s changed so many of my perceptions about what is possible in high-end audio. The M1s, after all are a $100,000 pair of small two-way monitors that, when you closed your eyes, sounded just like any other $100,000/pr behemoths out there, speakers that usually stand over five feet tall and weigh at least a few hundred pounds apiece.

Børresen m3

The Børresen M3, however, is a tower speaker that costs $280,000 per pair–which is certainly proportional to the size and cost of the M1s. We’ve already heard from a couple of readers who lament that such an expensive product is certainly the end of civilization as we know it. For any of you who feel the same, perhaps you could read my articles and reviews on Audio Group Denmark before filing your complaints. There are plenty of reasons why these speakers cost so much to produce.


Audio Group Denmark debuted the Børresen M3 with all of the finest products from two of their other brands–Aavik electronics, Ansuz cables and accessories. (A fourth brand, Axxess, was also debuted at the show. More on that later.) We’re talking the incredible Aavik 880 series including the P-880 power amplifier ($70,000) and matching C-880 preamp (also $70K).

What did it sound like?

hi-fi pig

First of all, there was plenty of amazing sound at AXPONA 2023. In many ways, it was the best-sounding show, overall, that I’ve attended. And yet the Børresen M3 speakers seemed to take me to new places I’ve never been before with a hi-fi system. The clarity was incredible. The frequency response was magnificent in its size and linearity. I couldn’t get over the fact that the Børresen M3 seemed, after a few hours, to possess absolutely no shortcomings. While I’ve heard from the few Audio Group Denmark naysayers over the last year, not one person I talked to at AXPONA 2023 thought the Børresen M3 was anything less than astounding.

How can it get any better? Well, Audio Group Denmark is currently working on the Børresen M6. I can’t wait to hear what that speaker will do.

borresen m3

audio group denmark

borresen m3

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