Credo: The Swiss Switcheroo | AXPONA 2023


I’ve heard this system at least a half dozen times now, and I think I know it pretty well. This is the room from Credo of Switzerland, as well as John McGurk’s AudioShield Distribution–we’re talking Van den Hul, EMM Labs/Meitner and more, plus a VPI turntable. The Credo room has evolved into one of my favorite exhibits at high-end audio show, and a big reason for that is those loudspeaker designs from Michael Kraske, transducers that can fill a room with energy no matter the size.

That’s foreshadowing, right there.

Words by Marc Phillips, Photos by Scot Hull

Before we talk about the Credo Switcheroo, I will admit another thing I learned in this room at AXPONA 2023. I never quite understood the relationship between EMM Labs and Meitner. Both brands feature Ed Meitner’s legendary designs, especially in the digital realm, but I never understood the difference. Meitner is the upscale brand of the two, and EMM Labs is the ultra-upscale one. I only learned this when I was told about two new specialized phono preamplifiers for DS Audio optical cartridges–one from each brand, at differing price points.

cinema array

I was sitting in the Credo room, loving the sound of the huge Cinema LTM Array towers ($200k/pr USD) and thinking about the impact DS Audio optical cartridges have had on high-end audio in the last few years. I settled in and listened to a few tracks, and by the time we reached that famous Gary Karr Adagio d’Albinoni LP I was in la-la land.


I stopped to chat with John McGurk and Michael Kraske before I left the room, and that’s when their devious plot was revealed. “Can you believe all that sound from those little speakers?” I sheepishly looked back at the system, back toward those small black towers that were positioned next to the Cinema LTMs. Those were the Credo EV1202 Reference speakers, a floorstanding, 2.5-way bigger brother to the Credo EV350 speakers I reviewed last year.

I should have known better. At one point I told myself, “Double-check to see if it’s the big speakers,” but I just got lost in the music and forgot. I first heard the tiny EV350s energize a room as big as this with plenty of low frequency information. The Credo EV1202 References, which cost $16,995/pair, tricked me into thinking I was listening to a massive pair of speakers with a huge array of drivers. This is, in a nutshell, why I dig the loudspeakers from Credo of Switzerland so much. I was totally fooled, but for some reason I didn’t mind at all. Well played, gentlemen.


emm labs


emm labs


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