Las Vegas 2013: Voce and MSB

Voce Audio brought a killer pair of new loudspeakers to T.H.E. Show this year, the VA-3s ($35,635/pair). Driven by MSB 203 monoblocks (200wpc in Class A — $27,500/pair), a pair of front-ends was on offer. One path came by way of an MSB Analog DAC (prices start at $7,990), fed by an MSB Data CD IV with Power Base ($7,490) — this path excelled, weaving some of the most realistic, 3-D, textured, images available at either show in Las Vegas. The second path, with a Scheu Analog Premier MKIII turntable ($4,425), a 9″ Tacco tonearm ($3,995) mounted with a Sound-Smith Hyperion OCL cartridge ($7,500) and fed into a Zesto Audio Andros PS 1 phonostage ($4,300), was very good, but a bit less successful, at least on my visits.

WyWires Gold speaker cables ($3,699) and a mix of Gold ($1,599) and Silver ($999) interconnects were used. The new WyWires Power Broker ($TBD, ~$2,000) and a mix of Juice II ($499) and the new Juice HC ($699) power cords carried the current.