AXPONA 2013: Heading to Chicago

I bought the tickets, right? Whew. Hotel? Ah, right. Now, where is all that camera crap ….

Yes, it’s time to start worrying and spinning in circles — it’s almost showtime!

Friday-after-next, I’ll be hopping on a plane to head to the Windy City. Steve Davis and the AXPONA crew are hosting three days of audio mayhem — and it’s gonna be sweet.

Things I’m looking forward to?

Greg Roberts has a new loudspeaker, the Alura. It’s a hybrid-horn, which is cool, and it’s a Volti, so that’s even cooler. Add some BorderPatrol amps and I’m all over this.

One of my favorite audio dealers (ever notice how “audio dealer” and “drug dealer” are so similar?), Jeff Catalano, will be there, spitting in the face of digital audio with more tubes and more sensitive speakers — I’m guessing “Tron” and “Hørning”. Can’t wait.

Preamplifier experts Purity Audio Designs will be announcing/launching 437 new products at AXPONA this year … okay, maybe only a couple … but their new look and feel will be on display, and if we’re lucky, they may even have … an amp? Ahem!

Steve has lined up a few seminars — some even worth checking out [cough]. I’ll be dropping in on “What Attracted Us and How To Attract A Younger Audience For The Future” because I always think these are funny, and then there’s the session on analog tape and another by Peter Lederman, the Soundsmith, on the “Reproductive Private Parts (of a phono cartridge)”. I think I’ll probably miss the Transcendental Meditation seminar, sadly. Anyway, the full list is online.

I’m particularly pumped that the show is on top of a Gibson’s Steakhouse, and I’ll be eating me some steak. Mmm mmm, good.

Hope to see you all there. I’ll have buttons!


  1. In room 902 we will be showing Abbingdon Music Research, Kuzma, Feickert, Reed, Shelter, Atma-Sphere, Teo Audio, Clarity Cable, Transmission Audio, iFi Micro, and Vendetta Research.
    Some surprises, some nice raffle giveaways, and some informative analog seminars.

  2. Not quite 437 but the whole Purity product line is new for 2013.
    At least you get to fly. Im driving 12+ hours and this time my wife is coming along for her first audio show experience.
    See you there. Safe travels and be sure to bring plenty of film……oh wait a minute……. what year is this

  3. The room I will be haunting will be the VSA room with their new VR100XS 4 piece speaker system driven by Kronzilla monoblocks and the new Purity Audio preamp. You might want to stop by for a listen. The entire VSA lineup is outstanding..

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