CAF 2014: Music Technology, the Audio Reanimator

Music Technology

Springfield, VA is home to Music Technology, one of those magical, mythical places you can take all your vintage, no-longer-made audio gear and have it brought back to life. Bwahahahahaa!

Fine, I’m juvenile, but this totally reminds me of that old B-movie based on an HP Lovecraft story. But more seriously, this kind of service is brutally necessary, especially given how common it is to have fantastic audio products orphaned by market vagaries. Knowing that your vintage amp, or speakers, don’t have to be junked just because the vendor that made them is no longer around … well, that’s awesome.

Case in point: Apogee loudspeakers. These things are legendary! But your ability to purchase one is pretty much limited to eBay these days, and even then, what you end up with can vary hugely from “as new” to “total junker”. Well, if you’re an Apogee fan, Music Technology has something you need to look at.

New, better Apogees. 

Shown here at CAF was their Caliper Signature. The frames have been rebuilt and improved. The crossover is all-new. The ribbons are all-new. The wiring is better, the connectors are better, heck, everything is better. Just head out to the garage, dust off that pair you’ve been “meaning to get around to” for the last decade, write Music Technology an $8,000 check, and you’re back in business with a loudspeaker that not only set a high-water mark, but remains, for many, the best that the high-end has had on offer. Call for details.

Shown here with a near-vintage and heavily upgraded/updated Conrad-Johnson Evolution 2000 Zero Feedback Power Amplifier, a hybrid tube affair that took it’s first bow in 1990, the Apogees were all that and a bag of chips. Fast and detailed, the look and sound here was every bit of the modern high-end.

Not bad for a brand that hasn’t been around for years ….

Music Technology 4

Music Technology 2

Music Technology 3