High End 2016: PMC introduces the twenty5 series speakers


For those who have been following my adventures here on Part-Time Audiophile and especially the annual Munich coverage it is no secret that I pay more attention to the ultra- mega-uber priced rooms than the affordable ones. Reason is, and let’s be honest, we all love the big and shiny objects of our desires, the ones that chances are we will not afford any time soon. I make exceptions when something really, really intrigues me and PMC made a fantastic new series of speakers, that deserve some coverage.

The line called twenty5 follows the already successful series twenty and introduces a new aerodynamic vent called Laminair paired with PMC’s trademark transmission-line designs.

“The combination of ATL and Laminair takes audio quality to unparalleled new heights:

  • Faster, cleaner bass and higher-definition sound throughout
  • Turbulence is eliminated, increasing the efficiency of the ATL
  • Removes air noise – only the music remains

Higher maximum output and bass with supreme timing and dynamics”

Every single word is true. Driven by moderate sized Bryston electronics, I have never heard PMCs sound so clean and precise, not even the big pro models. All the sudden those nasty turbulences coming out of the transmission line vent went missing; the sound was much better defined! Price range, depending on the model, will be in the thousands of euros — starting somewhere in the 2.5K ballpark for the smaller two-way twenty5 21 and going up to 8K for the top-of-the-line three-way twenty6 model.

Expect a central channel and a sub-woofer to complete this fantastic new line.

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