RMAF 2017: Must See Rooms

Friday, Day One

by Eric Franklin Shook  

Considering my late head start, I want to point out a few brands, dealers, and vendors you might want to put on your short list of MUST SEE ROOMS. This should have been done last night, but I’ll catch up.

Often I hear after the typical show coverage comes out, things like “I didn’t know they were at the show, I missed them.” Which is a shame, but what can you do?

Here’s what? Go in prepared, and let me be your sherpa. Off we go!

FERN & ROBY Room #1002

w/ Linear Tube Audio and DeVore Fidelity. If you like unique turntables, and probably one of the best vinyl collections at the show, then please make a pit stop here.

VANA Ltd Room #1013 and #1015

Audio Physic, EAT, Okki Nokki: Two adjoining rooms with more audio value per dollar than most rooms at the show.

Jeff Rowland Design Group Room #1019

Truly a modern art museum experience. If you’ve only seen pictures, they don’t do Jeff’s products any justice.

Studio Electric, ModWright, WyWires Room #9013

8 Watts driving, 88db Speakers – A must hear room! Dan brings a new headphone amp and integrated amplifier to the show, and it wows.

The Voice That Is #7018

Doug debuts more new Tidal product than you can shake a stick at, along with some of the best music at the show, especially if you are tired of hearing “audiophile” music. Awesome room!

RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO
RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO

PS Audio Room #Spruce 1

with Focal Speakers and a STRONG sense of scale, detailed bass, and finesse. Did I mention how sexy the new P20 is?

Daedalus Audio, ModWright, WyWires

Lou debuts ZEUS, and boy is it awesome. A true full range beast. Come for the good sounds, maybe pick up a T-Shirt as well.


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