Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT, Phasemation, VPI Industries, and Wolf Audio Systems at the House of Stereo | FLAX 2023

Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT

There is something about Avantgarde Acoustic and I don’t know what it is. Always has been, if I’m being honest. The speakers are large, imposing, and impossible to ignore — and, to my eye, in the best possible way. This is art, with purpose. From the automotive paint on the horns (luxurious and just reeking of cost), to the over-the-top build quality, I am smitten. This brand makes me want to live differently — that is, I want to build a room that would do justice to a system fronted by Avant-garde loudspeakers such as the Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT.

Words and Photos by Scot Hull

The new Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT (“Grand Twin” — from $58k/pair) features 12″ subwoofers, a super-tweeter, and “the usual” gorgeous horns for the tweeter and the mid-range. The speakers, as a system, are a shocking 107dB sensitive — so, all those audiophile micro-watt amps have finally found their home. But … I am beginning to think dangerously illicit thoughts about that approach. In fact, I am beginning to think that bringing external amplification to a speaker such as the Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT has become an entirely superfluous game. I know it’s almost sacrilegious to say it, but their new iTRON versions (basically integrated amplifiers, built into the speaker columns) make extra gear not only unnecessary but perhaps even sub-optimal.

I’ve heard the optional iTRON in two separate Avantgarde systems now, and each time, the speakers just sounded better when run that way. More — these new systems are able to be tricked out with an additional option, an “integrated network capability for direct streaming of content such as Tidal®, Spotify,® DLNA®, Roon®, Airplay® and others as a perfect plug & play system.” Just add an iPhone to the Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT and you’re off.

Shown here with tube gear from Phasemation and a turntable from VPI Industries (with a DS Audio cartridge), most of my listening time was with the tunes fed directly into the speakers from a Red Wolf 2 SX High Fidelity Audio Server from Wolf Audio Systems (from $9,400.00). The sound? Other-worldly. Of all the new stuff I saw and heard at the Florida Audio Expo this year, this was the gear I most wanted to spend more time with — a lot more time. Seriously. I think I’m in love with these new Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT speakers.

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Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT

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Avantgarde Acoustic DUO GT


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