Now Spinning: Jazz

I’m feeling a little jazz coming on!

I think it’s been about a month since I’ve fired up the turntable. Sheesh! Well, in the spirit of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I’m queuing up some LPs.

First up, Louis Armstrong’s Satchmo Plays King Oliver. There’s simply nothing like up tempo dirges. This is the kind of music I want playing at my funeral. By a New Orleans walking band. Yeah, man!

Then I’m gonna follow it up with my current favorite from The Jazz Messengers, the superlative (and RED!) Keystone 3. Great lineup, great music, fantastic pressing. Lastly, I’m gonna see if I can’t slip in Intensity, by the great Art Pepper. This is one of my new-fav discs — I’m getting worried I’m gonna wear it out. LOL.

Playback today is brought to you by the Ortofon Cadenza Black, courtesy of the Dr Feickert Blackbird. This session made possible by Plinius, through generous donations from their Koru, Tautoro and SA-Reference. This session in collaboration with Merlin Music VSM-MXR with Master BAM and Master RCs and supported by Rythmik’s F12G. Sponsored by Blue Jeans Cable.

Thanks for your attention. Now, back to the music.

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