Newport Beach 2015

Newport 2015: That’s a wrap

July 29, 2015

The Car of Life can go awfully fast, and I often find myself blinking and missing another precious turnoff, and subsequently, another moment to spend time with those who matter to me. Those turnoffs on the road I travel – with a group of select [...]

Newport 2015: Zu Audio

July 22, 2015

Zu Audio is a serious tribe of ‘philes out of Ogden, Utah led by founder Sean Casey on a sustained campaign to keep hi-fi firmly in the hands of those passionate about the pursuit of engaging, lifelike and musical sound. To quote Sean: [...]

Newport 2015: SoTM and ESS Laboratories

July 19, 2015

by Rafe Arnott SoTM (Soul of The Music) and ESS Laboratories paired up to show off some of their latest goodies at T.H.E. Show and it was a pleasing combo, that for an all-digital front end sounded surprisingly organic. It could have something to [...]

Newport 2015: Cary Audio with Tannoy

July 14, 2015

By Rafe Arnott Cary Audio‘s Daryl Berk had a nice, simple kit put together to showcase the company’s latest tubed preamplifier at Newport Beach, the TL-300d ($6,000 US ~ $8,000 US TBA, six to eight weeks wait time). Running a laptop, [...]

Newport 2015: United Home Audio and MBL

July 12, 2015

by Rafe Arnott Let me be the first to say that my “value system”, when it comes to hi-fi, is already considered one that is seriously flawed to many of my friends and family. I have a sickness and I freely admit it, fortunately for me, [...]

Newport 2015: VKMusic

July 10, 2015

It’s time to check in with VKMusic and Victor Kung, who I am convinced is actually on a mission from God. Victor and his wife once again ran the kind of simple marketplace table that would be ignored by most audio snobs. Point and laugh at [...]

Newport 2015: Kubotek/Haniwa

July 8, 2015

by Rafe Arnott I’m still not 100 per cent sure what was happening exactly in the Kubotek/Haniwa Real 3D Audio room at Newport Beach, but whatever it was, I’m 100 per cent sure they’re on to something. Kubotek president and CEO [...]