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Mini-Review: GamuT Lobster Chair

The GamuT Lobster Chair (chair $4,995, optional matching footstool $2,590) is a billed as “the world’s first audiophile chair.” I will respectfully defer — “firsts” don’t really matter to me as much as “awesomeness”, and this chair is awesome. Michael Vamos tells me that the Lobster is a joint-venture with GamuT investor, the furniture maker Kvist (you can check out the original

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Magic Bowls and Going Troll

By Roger Skoff You know what Internet Trolls are; they’re the kind of folks who lurk on Facebook or the audiophile forums, waiting for some poor innocent to post anything at all that’s in any way at variance with the strictest AES or “common sense” orthodoxy. Then, when someone finally does, they (figuratively) leap out, and either challenge him to

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In focus: WyWires Power Broker

Alex Sventitsky, CEO of WyWires, sent me a nifty little box a little while ago. Have I told you about it? Of course I have! The Power Broker took a bow back at CES/T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas, appearing in several rooms. The new power distribution device is completely passive, and other than the proprietary wiring and unique case work,

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