NYAV12: LessLoss and Kaiser

April 30, 2012

Lessloss was showing the Kaiser Acoustics Vivace “High Performance Loudspeaker”, which starts at $42,500 depending on finish; they looked very impressive in Lamborghini Orange. Fitted out with Scanspeak drivers and a Mundorf AMT tweeter, [...]

NYAV12: Davone and M-A Recordings

April 27, 2012

I found Todd Garfinkle of M-A Recordings holed up in a little room at NYAV, fielding questions over his should, changing the music, all while waving a fistful of US cash around in air. Busy, busy. Flying solo for this show, Todd had been expecting [...]


April 27, 2012

VAS Industries, the US importer for VAS, Cayin and Aurum Cantus, was showing at NYAV with VPI. Which was really cool. Everything in this room was on the more affordable end of the high-end scale, and I like that. A lot. Harry Weisfeld was very [...]