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Will the real DragonFly® please stand up!

Counterfeit Notice From AudioQuest: It has recently come to light that a counterfeit version of the guts of DragonFly v1.2 is inside multiple brands of Made In China small USB DACs. It is important to note the authentic versions of all DragonFlys, as with all of the new AudioQuest “Digital Critters,” are manufactured in Ohio, USA. In this unfortunate situation,

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Review: LampizatOr Atlantic DAC

Fans of Part-Time Audiophile will recall my (on going) love affair with the Polish DAC wonder called LampizatOr. Just to recall some of my highlights — once upon a time, I met up with the PCM-only Gen 3/Level 4 Lampi, and swooned. I ended up ordering a Gen 4/Level 4. I later tested out the DSD-only Lampi DAC, and was blown

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Devialet screams out 1,000-watt Expert 1000

Oh, Devialet. When will you ever stop being so smart, and cheeky? Hopefully never. The French digital amplification centrale company launched their latest iteration of the bleeding edge of audiophile technology, the Expert 1000, on July 1st. My favorite line from their press release is this: Thanks to its unique architecture, Expert 1000 Pro is capable of integrating hardware and

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