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High End 2016: Silbatone and Callas

This is the quintessence of the Munich show. Actually there is no such thing as a Munich show without this one room, a trademark by all means. The Silbatone room with, as always, a blast from the past mixed with some modern electronics. This year around the Korean fanatics brought a pair of Western Electric 11A horns from 1924. Yes,

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High End 2016: Wilson Benesch with Viva play lovely together

Wilson Benesch is becoming a personal favorite; year after year they provide fantastic performance with both solid state and tube amplification. This time around the smaller Discovery II speaker amazed with its imaging, detailed sound and deep bass for the size. The presentation was airy on top with a substantial midrange and given the moderate size of the speakers this

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High End 2016: Zellaton..Wow!

Zelaton was allegedly working on a big, reference speaker for some time now and this year they finally presented it. The “Statement” is a three way, five driver, six feet tall, open back floor stander in D’Appolito configuration based on massive metallic footers and will cost you nothing less of a slick 300.000 whatevers (as always, if you care to

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