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New VPI Titan sets eyes on challenging top reference turntables

Retirement seems to suit VPI‘s Harry Weisfeld to a “T.” Actually, lets have some fun, and say it suits Harry to a “TT.”   It seems the scion of the venerable turntable manufacturer out of New Jersey has been busier than ever with more announcements about new designs, collaborations, and design/production partnerships being announced in late 2016, and early 2017

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Review: Audio Note Meishu Silver Signature integrated amplifier

When an amplifier takes two men to move it, you could start to question your choice in amplifiers… but not me. I knew I was on to something truly special. The fact that Audio Note dealer, whiskey confidante, and bon vivant Don Thorne had taken the time (and considerable effort) lugging the behemoth Meishu Silver Signature integrated amplifier all the

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First Look: The Runwell Turntable from Shinola Audio

Politicians can be extraordinarily annoying. Every election season, we hear something misleadingly optimistic (or not) about “American Jobs”, specifically focusing on topics such as: manufacturing in the USA, the state of the states in the Rust Belt, the fact that those “good jobs” are now overseas and are/are not coming back. This is usually followed by a screed that includes commentary

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NEW: Shinola Launches Audio in Fall 2016

Color me “intrigued”. Shinola and VPI have gone ahead and done something that makes my shriveled little heart grow three sizes, and just in time for the holidays. Shinola has been brand-building and brand-expanding for the last several years. You’ve probably heard of their watches, perhaps their bikes, and maybe even their leather goods. Their appeal is only in part due

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