Newport 2014: Chapman Audio Systems meets VAC, results in glory


hiresnewportlogoforwebChapman Audio Systems is re-introducing their T-7 speaker for a new generation. This loudspeaker, originally produced from 1981-2001, has been reissued with updated components and the option for some sexy new woodwork, which I’m afraid my photo doesn’t entirely do justice. The T-7 is $9,995 for the standard finish, or $12,995 for the curving hardwood shown here. I’m told that retrofit kits are also available for older T-7 models, in case earlier adopters are feeling a bit jealous.

I praised Chapman’s speakers in 2013 for their full sound and dynamics. This year, I had opportunity to hear these speakers paired with VAC’s Phi 200 amp ($9,990), and the results were excellent. The Phi 200 has the speed and grip to really do the T-7 justice. The sense of heft that I’d come to association with the Chapmans is still there, but with a bit more control than I’d previously experienced. MSB provided the source.







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