Warsaw 2017: DeVORE, finally!

I have been dreaming of this for a few years now, to finally listen to DeVORE Fidelity speakers here in Europe. My dream was even structured, I wanted to properly listen to these designs, meaning with serious tube gear and quality front end. The reason behind all this is our in house brewed DIY tube amps and the possibility to partner them with something that doesn’t require a kilowatt of power like my ATCs.

And in Warsaw there they were, the O/96 sitting on top of nifty Franc Audio Accessories stands, in beautiful zebrano finish and paired to some of the best tube gear money can buy, a complete set of Air Tight electronics. There was no turntable but the Brikmann Nyquist DAC did in excellent job in providing smooth digital sound for one of the most musical end results. The DeVORE’s were not pushed hard against the wall but bottom extension was quite convincing, mids and highs were sublime with excellent transition and practically no sign of the crossover fiddling with the sound. Paper cone and silk dome tweeter, bread and butter for tube amps and a wet dream of mine..

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