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CAS 2014: In Which We Take Awesomeness Where We Find It

CAS 2014: In Which We Take Awesomeness Where We Find It

As a closer to my California Audio Show coverage, I’m going to tell you a little story about how I broke my own rule. CAS was really meant to be the cherry on top of a longish vacation. We’d celebrate our anniversary, then take the better part of a week driving down the coast from […]

CAS 2014: I left my heart in San Francisco

Running around the Westin San Francisco hotel for three days with a press badge on, feeling like John Atkinson (or even, shrudder, Scot Hull), certainly had its moments. Even though I’ve been attending high-end exhibitions for a couple of decades, the California Audio Show is only the second one I’ve covered for Part-Time Audiophile (see […]

CAS 2014: Eficion’s near-perfect tweet

No other speaker component gets as much attention from innovators and fiddlers as the tweeter. It’s easy to understand why: your ears can forgive some weaknesses in the bass or even the midrange, but if you get the highs wrong, your product is unlistenable.

CAS 2014: Stunt Systems, Sight and Sound with JBL and Mark Levinson

Again, ignore the misleadingly soothing pianist in the lobby. One of the real pleasures at an audio show comes when the big guns bring out all of their dogs and ponies. Some may systems are stunt systems by virtue of their cost, but they’re otherwise modest and unassuming. Other exhibits are just stunts. The Excessive […]




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    When high-end audio components are broken down to their simplest denomination in terms of function, the terms are usually quite simple: source, amp, headphone or speaker. It is not too […]
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    CAS’s crazy big, crazy awesome loudspeaker roundup is here at last. The overall turnout at the California Audio Show from loudspeaker vendors was good for a local show, however other […]
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    Tube headphone amplifier manufacture Eddie Current has been around the scene for quite some time. The boutique company is probably best known for its well established Zana Deux and Balancing […]
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    While the Olive brand may hit the mainstream a bit more than your typical audiophile company, the company’s line of media servers has been kicking around since the whole digital […]
  • The New B2 Audioengine Bluetooth Speaker – CAS 2014 August 17, 2014
    The brothers Bargenquast of Audioengine had a new product to talk about, although images weren’t quite ready for primetime. The newest addition to their robust, compact computer audio lineup is […]

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