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High End Swiss 2014: Fischer & Fischer Speakers and Mudra Akustics

High End Swiss 2014: Fischer & Fischer Speakers and Mudra Akustics

By Norman Williams Thomas of Fischer-Fischer did not speak a lot of English, so I passed a lot of the time speaking with the extremely pleasant Michael Mudra (whose firm actually does the manufacturing — he poses in one of the pictures) and he explained the tech behind them. We also spent lots of time […]

High End Swiss 2014: Audionautics, Manger/Lindemann, ActivAudio

High End Swiss 2014: Audionautics, Manger/Lindemann, ActivAudio

By Norman Williams Now hows about some lifestyle offerings? Lifestyle with Quality that is! 1) New player! Audionautics is a Swiss/British audio starup, using special Alpine wood to make a line array driver in a WAF & apartment friendly “monkey coffin” configuration. Small midrange drivers chosen after extensive testing and ability to mate ith the Heil accordion […]

High End Swiss 2014: Ypsilon, Backes & Muller

High End Swiss 2014: Ypsilon, Backes & Muller

By Norman Williams Ypsilon A very refined and appealing sound from the Ypsilon room. I spent enough time to hear a classical song and was impressed. I gave the thumbs up to someone who looked like the owner of the company and asked for confirmation of it being a French brand and he said no, […]

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    Jack Wilbur
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