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CES 2015, The Personal Audio Perspective: Audeze EL-8

CES 2015, The Personal Audio Perspective: Audeze EL-8

by Warren Chi Eight months ago, in the dead of night, my partner at Audio360 (and brother in life) Michael Mercer drove me to an undisclosed location. It was there that we had the opportunity to listen to something remarkable. As the details were slowly revealed that night, one after another, it quickly became clear that […]

CES 2015: Aurender rocks hard on the digital audio toys

CES 2015: Aurender rocks hard on the digital audio toys

Computer audio is hard. This is a gong I’ve beaten on before, so it really shouldn’t be surprising that I’m still hitting it. Hard, you say? What’s so hard about it? You just [insert list of steps that you would never write down to hand to your mother-in-law], and “it works!” Ta da! Yeah. The […]

CES 2015: Sony’s High Resolution Walkman is totally lux

CES 2015: Sony’s High Resolution Walkman is totally lux

I have a soft spot for the old Walkman brand. I carried one of the originals pretty much everywhere when I was a kid, and echoes of those painful, turbulent and largely destructive times echo cheerfully around when I think about Sony’s latest adventures in this space. The new ZX2 “High Resolution Walkman” is supposed to […]

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  • The Long Awaited Beats Solo 2 Review February 20, 2015
    I have to admit right off the bat; my experience with the polarizing Beats line of headphones is embarrassingly small. I am not familiar with any of the early units that […]
  • The MEElectronics P1 Pinnacle and the new Benchmark DAC – NAMM 2015 February 3, 2015
    The main floor of NAMM can be quite the mad house, but just underneath the surface lies an entire additional floor of booths and vendors. If you can find the […]
  • Ultimate Ears is Refining the Custom IEM Process – NAMM 2015 February 2, 2015
    The custom side of In-Ears has always been plagued by a very elongated wait process with many hoops to jump though (including a trip to the audiologist for many). Goopy ear […]
  • AKG K553 PRO – NAMM 2015 January 31, 2015
    AKG had a full service station set up for headphone listening tucked away in the Harman room, just off the main pathway at NAMM. The headphone company has been around […]
  • Ultrasone Edition 5 – NAMM 2015 January 30, 2015
    The Germany-based company Ultrasone might not be the most “mainstream” of audiophile headphone brands, but they brought a solid presentation along with them to the National Association of Music Merchants (or […]
  • Odds and (the) End(s) Part 3 – CES 2015 January 22, 2015
    This wrap up report will end with the tale of three little DACs that are going to market. The first is a successor to one of the more popular decoders […]





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Time Moves On, aka, Part-Time-itis

Time marches … if not necessarily in a straight line, I think we can all agree it moves “on”. This blog I’ve neglected pretty profoundly over the last few years, which is just pathetic. Some day, I may resurrect it, but that day isn’t today. In the last few years, I’ve actually been attempting to […]

Thanksgiving time again

Well, the turkey is air-drying in the fridge and the loaves of home-made sourdough are sitting on the counter, waiting to be chopped up for stuffing. Broccoli will be pan-sauteed with a bit o’ garlic and some chicken stock. Saurkraut is all done. Cranberry sauce’ll be two ways — a can of the jellied stuff […]

Lasangna Two Ways

  For those of you that don’t have a Cooks Illustrated subscription yet, shame on you. Okay, that said, I made a couple of lasagnas last week for a big family dinner. They were, in short, a huge hit. Which makes sense, because those Cooks Illustrated recipes rock. Of course, I deviated (wildly) from their […]

Ruhlman on Grass Fed Beef

Ruhlman has a nice post about the differences in grass fed beef — and I have to say, he’s on to something. Like Ruhlman, I’ve completely bought into Michael Pollan’s manifesto on food — including the natural superiority of grass-fed beef — but my results have been very mixed. Interesting that there might be a […]

No, I Don’t Want To Be A Chef

I read this post by Anthony Bourdain on Ruhlman’s blog back in September and while it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, it did capture the feeling of not-quite frustration that I’ve had about career changing. As I started to learn how to cook, and more, when I started taking all those classes at […]