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Athens 2014: Not Best In Show

Athens 2014: Not Best In Show

The 2014 Sound and Vision show held in Athens has come to an end. A biggy this year, more than 65 rooms and halls with just two days’ time to listen, explore, and digest lots of amplifiers, speakers and DACs. Two days are not enough, one has to do some homework and decide what to […]

Athens 2014: Zellaton, Gryphon and CH Precision

Athens 2014: Zellaton, Gryphon and CH Precision

Sometimes delivering is just not enough, you need a story, and Zellaton surely has one. The company’s origins date back in the thirties, when Dr Emile Podszus introduced a series of technological innovations in driver design that granted him a few patents and several industrial contracts. Today his grandson produces a series of high-end speakers […]

Athens 2014: Joseph Audio Pulsar and Enigmacoustics M1 Mythology, the mini monitors that ain’t so mini

Athens 2014: Joseph Audio Pulsar and Enigmacoustics M1 Mythology, the mini monitors that ain’t so mini

Though most of the audio show visitors seek the big mighty high-end systems, the ones most of us only dream of, there is another class of products that merits attention: the high-end compact monitor. Two of my favorites were on display in Athens and both performed in sublime fashion. The Joseph Audio Pulsar two-way compact […]

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    Jack Wilbur
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