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New York 2014: High Fidelity Services with Audia Flight and a new Parsifal

New York 2014: High Fidelity Services with Audia Flight and a new Parsifal

In what turned out to be a rather ironic moment, I was flipping through Facebook this morning and saw that Art Dudley had visited High Water Sounds‘ Jeff Catalano’s demo room at the New York Show and had walked away with a great impression, but no photos. “Ha!” I chortled to myself, and then when […]

New York 2014: King Sound goes portable

New York 2014: King Sound goes portable

I’ve been a big fan of the King Sound electrostatic headphones since I first laid eyes on them back at AXPONA this year. The look of the entire lineup, from the $550 KS-H2 through the $800 KS-H3, are among the best-in-class and the feel of them on my noggin was every bit as fine as the look. Turning […]

New York 2014: Madison-Fielding says their pot is better than yours

You gotta love Madison-Fielding. These guys are newcomers to the audiophile show circuit, and each time they demo, I have to chuckle. I mean, aside from all the pot-jokes (most of which are told by the Madison-Fielding reps), there’s a general sense of merriment in each of these rooms. Why, you ask? Well, because they […]

New York 2014: Tenace Audio debuts new Opera, standing ovations ensue

New York 2014: Tenace Audio debuts new Opera, standing ovations ensue

I got a chance to meet NY audio dealer (and PTA sponsor) Shayne Tenace of Tenace Audio at this year’s New York show, and happily for me, Shayne brought along some new speakers from Italian speaker company Opera. Recently, Opera revamped a bit of its product line, including the wonderful stand-mount loudspeakers that AudioHead‘s Brian […]




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