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Review: Aurender Flow

by Amos Barnett “Have you heard the Aurender Flow yet?” “The who and what?” That was how the conversation went as we headed towards the Emilie offices in Tokyo for an evening of pizza and …something I’d never heard of from a company that was completely unknown to me. That was the first surprise of the evening. Mystery gear I

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The Vinyl Grouch: Cream 1966-1972, Box Set (Universal Music Enterprises)

  Adventures in vinyl, be it from analog or digital sources, with good music the only common currency. By Ken Micallef In the opening scene of the 2014 Ginger Baker biopic, Beware of Mr. Baker, the ruddy-faced, red-haired, perpetually pissed drummer clobbers the film maker with a walking cane, bloodying his face and breaking his nose. The rest of the

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Tangerine Dream SHM-SACD Reissues

 by Paul Ashby Following founder Edgar Froese’s sudden passing earlier this year, fans new and old are examining, re-examining, and appreciating Tangerine Dream’s catalog. For the newcomer, or those wanting a refresher, there are several good places to start. Four Tangerine Dream SHM-SACDs were released in late February via Virgin/Universal Japan. They’ll only play on SACD machines; also available are

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