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Peachtree Audio deepblue2, now live and crushing it at Indiegogo

Normally, I wouldn’t jump back in so quickly, but if you’re at all curious about the deepblue2 campaign currently underway over at Indiegogo, your time to jump in and snatch up some early-bird pricing is slipping away. We’re less than half an … Continue reading

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Flagship Closed-Back Headphones from MrSpeakers, Audeze and Fostex

by John Grandberg A few months back I surveyed the “affordable” sealed headphone landscape, ending up with a good number of competitors that I felt comfortable recommending. The most expensive of them was well under $400 and several on the … Continue reading

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Review: JOB 225 Stereo Amplifier

by John Richardson We all know the saying that big things sometimes come in small packages. However, we normally don’t apply this logic to powerful stereophonic amplifiers, especially of the class AB variety. Well, I’ve got a blockbuster for you, … Continue reading

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AXPONA 2014: Sweet Home Chicago

By John Stancavage Part-Time Audiophile How hot was the gear at the 2014 Audio Expo of North America? So hot a fire alarm briefly cleared the four show floors of Chicago’s Westin O’Hare midway through day two [yes, that really … Continue reading

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Geek Wave, Rebooted — Now Live on Indiegogo

By all the usual measures, LH Labs’ last crowd-funded product called “Wave”, was a success. At 140% of their funding goals, this smart-phone-coupled super-charger of a headphone amp/DAC combo was fully funded, ready to go. It was done. In the … Continue reading

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AXPONA 2014 Opens on Friday

I’m heading out to AXPONA this Thursday. Robert Harley, the Editor of The Absolute Sound has asked me to forge his signature for his book signing while he makes his directorial debut for a new Masterpiece Mystery episode being filmed at the hotel. I had … Continue reading

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HeadAmp’s Stellar GSX Mk2 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

by Frank Iacone But is the wait worth it? HeadAmp‘s Justin Wilson has been designing and building amplifiers professionally since 2002. He has developed a cult following in the portable and headphone communities for building some of the very best … Continue reading

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Latest Crowd Funding Project From LH Labs: Geek Wave

Got your trunks and your longboard? It looks like we’re in for another crowd funding ride. LH Labs, the guys that brought us the kick-ass Geek Out “Headphone Awesomifier” and the forthcoming Geek Pulse (the desktop version) have a brand … Continue reading

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Headphone Bliss: B.M.C. Audio amazes with PureDAC

by John Grandberg What does it take to separate a piece of audio equipment from its similarly priced peers? Is it based purely on sound? Features? Looks? Or, ideally, a combination of all three? Us writers are always talking about … Continue reading

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Part-Time Audiophile Gets Huge Infusion of Cash, Plans To Spend It Pretty Much Immediately

Well, it finally happened. The Lotto Fairy came through! My ticket has been validated and I’ve claimed my half of the $400M MegaMillions prize from the March 18th drawing! I’m so excited I can hardly sit long enough to take a … Continue reading

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