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Review: Bob’s Audio Devices CineMag SKY 20 Step-up Transformer

By Darryl Lindberg There are many ways to skin the audio cat in the quest for sonic bliss. Think about it: if we’re talking about sources, we have vinyl/tape/digital (CD, SACD, streaming, TBD); in electronics we have tubes/solid state/hybrid, as well as single ended/push-pull, throwing in class A/class A/B/D for good measure. If we’re talking about speakers, the choices are

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Review: Focal Spirit Professional and NAD Viso HP50 headphones

by Brian Hunter Headphones are continuing to see a surge at nearly every pricepoint, but none is so competitive as the mainstream “High End” of $300 clearly set up by Beats, followed in turn by big alternative manufacturers like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and others. Perhaps one of the most popluar questions I get asked is in reference to this very concise

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The Vinyl Grouch: Dewa Budjana, Bjork, Larry Young, Darjeeling Limited

Indonesian jazz, depth charge dance and Record Store Day 2015’s stacks o wax Journeys through vinyl, but it from analog or digital sources, with good music the only common currency by Ken Micallef Jazz guitarists, and those who love their music, sometimes fall into strange and unusual camps. There are jazz purists for whom Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt, Barney Kessel,

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