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The Far Corners: The Skin Effect and Albania’s Organike Cables

By Modest I. Predlozheniye I love visiting the Albanian coast in early summer. From the alluring scent of tangerines and olive oil that permeates the islands of Ksamil to the sounds of the Gheg and Tosk dialects bouncing across the narrow alleyways and streets of Tirana, this beautiful Balkan country always reminds me of my childhood when my father would

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Review: JansZen Valentina Active

by John Grandberg I’m a headphone guy at heart. I believe all my readers pretty much know that by now. As such, I spend far more time listening to headphones than speakers. Ok, maybe that’s not completely accurate if we count every bit of time spent hearing sound coming out of a speaker. Between TV watching, movies, background music, cartoons

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