CAF 2011: Border Patrol and Living Voice

I remember the Border Patrol/Living Voice room from last year’s show, and recall (fondly) how it was one of the best, most relaxed, sounds at that show. Well, this year continues the trend with the  top-of-the-line $11k OBX-RW Living Voice speakers on display. I think they’re not only great but that if I were in the market for tube-friendly speakers, they’d be on my short list. The sound so natural and easy that I almost begged them to fill up my weekend with foot rubs and neck massages while I sipped fruity drinks. Okay, maybe not, but that was the image I was getting as I settled in for a long listen. Lovely music here.

I can’t remember the last year’s pricing on the Border Patrol amps and preamps, but I think they’ve undergone a bit of a price jump. Also, my understanding is that Border Patrol used to be a dealer-carried brand, but no more, they only sell direct. You can find them here.

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