CAS 2013: ENIGMAcoustics

CAS4ENIGMAcoustics was present to demonstrate not just their impressive Sopranino super tweeter, but their new Mythology M1 bookshelf speakers ($15,000/pair, including the supertweeter and stands). The Mythologies, which were powered by Ayre amplification and a PureAudio Lion USB DAC, offered the clear, delicate treble I’ve come to expect from ENIGMAcoustics, and it’s really exciting to see these folks continuing to move the ball farther down the field. I felt overall the system could have benefited from a subwoofer, as well as possibly some tweaking in the rest of the chain — the sound overall was quite good, but I felt it could use some more meat on its bones.

I’ve described the demonstration of the Sopranino in my report from THE Show in Newport, and I can assure you it was just as impressive this time around. While the Mythology M1s may not have knocekd my socks off this time around, I have every bit of confidence in these guys’ talent. I look forward to hearing these speakers again, and soon.