High End 2017: WAY Cables…. slip them on

Coming to Munich was an opportunity to find things that we don’t see stateside in the USA. WAY Cables was one my discoveries at the High End 2017 show. WAY Cables based in Belgrade, Serbia has been making cables (interconnects, digital & power cables) for 4 years.

What drew me in was their appearance. I hadn’t seen anything like this in the past. The outside of their cables is pure cotton, providing a soft colorful sleeve to the pure silver conductors on the inside. Basically WAY Cables are all about simple design that delivers the highest performance.

90% of their cables are 99.99% pure silver that they purchase from the UK. The cables are 100% made by hand and terminated at their facility in Belgrade. Connectors are custom made and sourced from KLM in Australia.

Inside those pure cotton socks, you will find just pure silver. No insulation, no di-electric, nothing.  WAY Cables mentioned they use OFHC copper with silver in their digital cables since it provided a better result.

From their visual appearance, I expected the cables to be heavily with the bulky cotton sleeve, but when you pick them up, they were light as a feather.

Another nice touch is that all of their cables ship in a beautiful wooden box with the Way Cables logo engraved on it.

The WAY Cables shared a lovely room with CH Precision electronics, Transfiguration, and Wilson Benesch speakers that delivered a broad soundstage and excellent dynamics.

All beautifully connected together with WAY Cables.

-Mohammed Samji