RMAF 2018: Must See Rooms of Friday


There are over 400 brands exhibiting here at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Making this event one of largest audio shows in North America. For some this can seem overwhelming. and cause a bit of anxiety. Alas, have no fear, the rag-tag band of misfits from Part-Time Audiophile are ready to be your audio show guide.

Here are some surefire rooms to get you started and off on the right foot.

Amphion, Benchmark (Room 8007)

Firmly grounded with a history in studio and pro sound, Amphion returns to home audio with a stable of speaker designs that to my ear offer comforting treble and mid-range that compliment the Amphion idea of how bass should sound. Natural and just right. From bookshelves to reference towers, a little bit of everything is on hand for your audition.

Auralic, YG Acoustics (Room 7024)

Underrated at almost every turn, the highly awarded electronics of Auralic are dancing beautifully with YG Acoustics speakers. From digital servers or Spotify, everything on tap for amplification and presentation is meticulously formed and delivered by a team of Auralic components, most notable for this year, Auralic’s new LEO GX Reference Master Clock.

Bricasti, TIDAL (Room 7013)

From the exacting truth found in all Bricasti electronics, and delicate balance of dynamics offered from TIDAL speakers, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a better exhibit of digital. It could have something to do with “true DSD”, but that’s something you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Do give this room an audition.

Wynn Audio (Rooms 5021, 5025)

A two room festival of “less is more” and “more is more” brands expertly curated. Wynn Audio has found a way to mesmerize me with small footprint speakers and big power. Offering a glimpse into to what can be done with small towers and even more miniscule bookshelves, it’s one of the most “must see” rooms I can recommend for the show.

Auris Audio (Room 5017)

Amplifiers, DACS, Headphone Amps, and Speakers expertly crafted around great sound. The Auris Audio designs stand-out from the pack for challenging the conventions of both design and sound. Auris Audio should be a noteworthy addition to many shopping lists.

Ayon, Lumen White (Room 5013)

This room flat out rocks with gobs of power, refinement, and thump. Also, Charles Harrison may be one of the best DJ’s at the show. Go in expecting to hear some of the best sound box speakers and tube amplifiers can produce.

Vinnie Rossi, Harbeth, Triode Wire Labs (Room 4024)

Vinnie is showing off his latest and greatest L2 Signature Preamplifiers and L2 Monoblocks, which handle a slew Harbeth speakers (big and small) extraordinarily well. Harbeth’s 40.2 Anniversary flat-out rock the house when tethered Vinnie’s new mono-block powerhouses. Without any doubt, a must see room at the show.

Spatial Audio, Vinnie Rossi, Anticables (Room 3018)

Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio has really outdone himself with the new Lumina L2 open-baffle speakers, but that is his specialty. Along with Vinnie’s already spectacular amplification, the pairing is producing some of the most effortless and articulate bass I’ve heard this year. Currently, this room is one of my nominations for best sound of the show.

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  1. Vinnie Rossi’s L2 is not driving the bass drivers on the Spatial Lumina’s for they have their own servo amps

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