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So it’s finally here!  A bucket list item.  The big, global audio show.  Numero Uno.  Hi-End Munich 2019.

And boy do we have the dream team from Part-Time Audio here!  Dr. Pan, our European editor is arriving from Greece.  Scot Hull, our holy and esteemed publisher is arriving from the mid-Atlantic.  Marc Philips and some fine cigars arriving from upstate New York.  I am boarding a flight soon from Atlanta, GA on my favorite airline, Delta.  Already there have been dozens of new product press releases, party invitations, and some kind of nefarious drinking game invite from Keith Pray of Stereophile fame.  Make no mistake…it’s going to be a full-blown party.

There’s no way mere mortals will be able to cover each of the hundreds of room at Hi-End Munich or the Hifi Deluxe show at the Marriott nearby.  But we will do our best to get you the scoop on the best stuff.

Here are a few things I personally have in the works…

  • An interview with MQA inventor Bob Stuart.  I’ve been studying this fascinating technology for a while but this will be my first interview with Bob.  I’m looking forward to learning more about the progress of MQA and gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying technology.
  • An interview with McIntosh Group designer Livio Cucuzza.  Livio and I have been friends on facebook for a while but have never met in person.  He’s doing some of the absolute best design work in audio these days.  You may have read about the Sonus Faber Electa Amator III.  Words do not do the beauty justice.  You may have seen Livio’s special edition red Ref 160 Monoblocks online.  Livio is creating form and function!
  • An interview with Daryl Wilson.  Daryl took over from his father to run Wilson Audio and they have some exciting things in the works.  We will get the scoop on this dynamic line of natural sounding speakers and frequent winner of Best of Show awards.
  • My personal assigned coverage will include such illustrious brands as:  Wilson Audio, Audio Research, Eggleston Works, Sumiko, Borresen, Ansuz, Aavik, TAD, Goebel, Krell, and last but not least MQA.
  • I’ve also got the Astell & Kern SP1000M in for review and AK just announced a flagship SP2000 with the brand new AKM chip set!  We will check that out.
  • Munich for Newbies.  I’m going to try my best to convey what it’s like to go to Munich for the first time from culture to people watching to after-hours dinners and listening sessions.  This is indeed my first show so my reactions will be real and unscripted.

Dr. Pan, Marc, and Scot are superb writers so I cannot wait to read their coverage.  I hope our readers will enjoy all of the show coverage!

Now, it’s time to enjoy a pre-flight martini (Hendricks gin) at One Flew South, our best airport restaurant in Atlanta.


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