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moon voice 22

Simaudio spent a lot of time and energy promoting the debut of their first loudspeakers, the Moon Voice 22 monitors. Moon by Simaudio makes excellent gear, and I’ve reviewed their products favorably over the years. But my first response to the images of these small and somewhat conventional mini-monitors, available in gloss white or gloss black, was “Why this loudspeaker design? And why now?”

The Moon Voice 22 has a 29mm textile dome tweeter placed in a custom waveguide, and a 155mm woofer with a cast aluminum bracket and a cone material made from a “mineral-filled” polypropylene membrane. The nominal impedance is 6 ohms, the sensitivity is 89 dB and the frequency response goes down to 45 Hz. Again, fairly typical specs for a $3,000/pr monitor.

simaudio at munich high end 2022

When I first sat down to listen to the Moon Voice 22 monitors, however, I immediately bolted up in my chair and I might have audibly muttered WTF. These little Moons, these proverbial wallflowers, immediately impressed the heck out of me. The bass was full, the soundstage was huge and the tonal balance was sublime. They reminded me of the extraordinary Credo EV 350 monitors I heard back at AXPONA 2022–another small speaker that sounds so much like a big speaker that I should stop complimenting other monitors that don’t crush those objectives this effortlessly. The bar has been raised.

moon voice 22

In case you didn’t notice, I said that the Moon Voice 22 monitors are only $3,000/pr USD. That’s a significant point, since there are plenty of two-way bookshelf monitor aficionados such as myself who consider that the monetary threshold for a bookshelf monitor that should do something special, something above and beyond the typical choices. With the Moon Voice 22, Simaudio had drawn a line in the sand. You should expect this much performance for that amount of money, and I think the Voice 22 is going to have a major impact on this product category.

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moon voice 22

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