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Doug White of The Voice That Is! was exhibiting entirely with products that are new for 2022. Firstly, the new TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller ($60,000 USD) and Piano G3 ($60,000 USD as shown) loudspeakers, which are the first in TIDAL’s speaker lineup to receive G3 status upgrades, but more on that later. Second, the all-new Brama series of electronics from Vinnie Rossi, who was in attendance for this special Capital Audiofest debut.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Thirdly, Critical Mass Systems was showing off their newest Ultra-Q rack series (prices vary), which borrows upstream technology at friendly prices. And last, but not least, one of our favourites at PTA, the new Royal Crown and Royal Double Crown cables (prices vary) from Siltech Cables.

Other feature players of note, the CAD Ground Controls ($2,250 to $29,500 USD) and Equitech 2RQ Balanced Power ($6,500 USD) center. Of note, in my opinion, because I am almost for certain that Doug White’s use of balance powers is key to his exhibit systems standing head and shoulders above many other when it comes to that silent noise floor we all crave.


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TIDAL Piano G3

The new Piano G3 represents the absolute entry into TIDAL speakers, which is funny to write (or say) because there’s nothing “entry level” about them at all, the Piano G3 is the first to receive refinements and new technologies that over time will appear in upstream TIDAL models. So, in a sense, this is TIDAL’s most advanced speaker — though not it’s most capable.

One detail that stuck out from this all-new conception of the classic Piano loudspeaker model, is that in G3 status it receives a decoupled tweeter assembly. A first for TIDAL loudspeakers.

Vinnie Rossi BRAMA Series

The new BRAMA series from Vinnie Rossi begins a new chapter for the company, putting their best offerings yet into a sleek and forward thinking package that already has made waves in the industry just from a conceptual standpoint, and an aesthetic one. Will the BRAMA live up to the hype in this TIDAL system? Keep on reading to find out.

BRAMA Preamplifier — $33,995 USD
BRAMA Stereo Amplifier — $33,995 ea USD

Critical Mass Systems

Ultra-Q must stand for “ultra quiet”, because that’s the name of the game in rack components that aim to play a part in the sonics of the system. Bringing elements of the flagship Olympus series racks into the Ultra-Q line, lower the outlay one needs for those sonic benefits, but also shows that the company is on a path towards continual innovation. Always getting better.


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The Sound

When I heard that Doug White was debuting the TIDAL Piano G3 without TIDAL electronics, I thought he must be mad. Forgive me, but I am rather biased to the absolute magic that I’ve experienced from an all-TIDAL system at audio shows, and in Doug’s dealer showroom at The Voice That Is!. Sorry, not sorry.

What I wasn’t expecting, was how much the new BRAMA series from Vinnie Rossi upheld the standard of sound that I know both Doug White and TIDAL speakers demand.

It turns out, that Doug isn’t crazy at all. This new flavor of sound from the tube-injected electronics, pairs exceedingly well with TIDAL’s new Piano G3, and made for a few compelling conclusions.

  • TIDAL speakers can play well with others, in fact, to a point where some may welcome the departure and not be labeled crazy
  • The Vinnie Rossi BRAMA series has ascended to the challenge in the best way possible, by leaving us without wanting while also showing us something entirely new

In summary, the horizons for The Voice That Is! just became a little broader with the addition of Vinnie Rossi electronics, and in showing that TIDAL speakers and electronics are something to consider even when building or upgrading a multi-brand system.

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