Geshelli Labs, O’Neills Creation Workshop, ZMF Headphones, Spirit Torino Headphones | CAF 2022

Geshelli Labs is known for making hyper cool and crafty headphone amplifiers and small desktop DACs, at affordable prices, and doing it all in the USA. They partnered with ZMF Headphones and Spirit Torino Headphones to show off their wares at Capital Audiofest 2022, but also to introduce something completely new to the Geshelli Labs product lineup.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Wait…VU meters, defeatable tone controls, motorized volume control, phono preamp, XLR inputs and outputs, and speaker outputs?? Could this be an integrated amplifier??


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Geshelli Labs ZOOFA

The ZOOFA name comes from Geno Geshelli‘s (head of product design) mentor Mike Zoofada. Did I spell that right?

The genesis of the new ZOOFA integrated amplifier comes from design in part by committee, meaning that Geno was opening up the design options to public a forum where options and features could be discussed and debated.

True to its roots, it includes the ARCHEL 2.5 XL headphone amplifier circuit into the build. The speaker taps are supplied with true class-A/B power (undecided on output power, between 50wpc and 100wpc) and the suspected retail price is aiming to be under $2,000 USD as shown in the fully carved wood case.


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ZMF Headphones and Spirit Torino Headphones

We didn’t get the seat-time necessary to make solid sonic impressions, but we do know the ZMF Headphones well, and must say — the pairing more sonic sense that price differences would lead one to believe. Which says a lot about both headphones from ZMF and amplifiers from Geshelli playing well with others.

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