AXPONA 2017: Lee’s Best of Show

June 24, 2017

This year’s AXPONA was the second one I attended and I thought it was a very well produced event.  Many manufacturers were represented and attendance appeared very healthy.  And there is no shortage of good out-of-the-hotel dining [...]

AXPONA 2017: KEF and the art of the demo

May 25, 2017

Johan Coorg and Dipin Sehdev are fixtures on the high-end audio show circuit, and for damn good reason — they put on one of the best demos going. With a wild disdain for decorum and outright mockery audiophile norms, the pair are just as [...]

AXPONA 2017: A Place In The Market

May 7, 2017

A photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook “Success is 5% perspiration and 95% getting your name out there.” -Albert Einstein Often the reason I get from dealers and manufacturers who have already “arrived” at their place in the audiophile market [...]

AXPONA 2017: The VIP of Turntables

May 6, 2017

It’s gotten to where you can’t swing the proverbial dead cat without hitting a VPI table at an audio show.  Mat and team’s products were everywhere.  Mat setup a majority of 22 (!) working tables and he figures with static ones, [...]