Apple to the rescue?

A while back, I posted how I thought Apple would kill off the audiophile industry. Let’s just say that my logic was a bit muddled and move on. I think I was drunk when I wrote it, okay? Anyway.

I heard the other day (from the little bird called CNN) that Apple is considering hi-res downloads off of iTunes. I’m guessing that this is a precursor to Apple finding a reason to raise prices across the board, probably due to pressures from the labels actually looking to make some money in this new singles-driven digital download Brave New World they’ve finally woken up in. It ain’t pretty.

I can only speculate what this will mean. Will Apple finally move to a cloud-based subscription service, akin to what it was preparing for by removing the hard drive from it’s own Apple TV? Is Apple just hot to trot to grab some of that rather lucrative audiophile market? Or will Apple simply upgrade it’s catalog to true CD quality files (16bit/44.1kHz) and redefine that as “high resolution” — and an excuse to go to $1.50 a track?

All I can say for sure is the the audiophiles are all hot and bothered by the speculation. Over at Computer Audiophile, they’re ready. Here’s to hoping it’s not the end of the world!

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