A day at Axpona 2011: Sonist Concerto 4

A quick visit to the Sonist is always a high point for me. The Sonist himself is a fun loving guy, some who seems obviously into audio for the fun of it, and makes some really nice speakers to boot. His rooms always sound great and he seems to have a lot of fun tweaking noses with his high-efficiency designs, sporting real wood (not veneer) cabinets, and crazy specs.

Witness the Concerto 4. This is a $5900, 97dB sensitivity, 8 ohms nominal (6 ohms min), speaker with a frequency response between 27Hz – 40KHz. Musical. Lovely. And the product of the new head of engineering and design, apparently (see photo above). All I have to say is, hats off to the stuffed squirrel. Nicely done!

The power all derives from a little Glo amp. What is that, 5wpc? Crazy.

I might have to get me a pair of these.

The Sonist will sell direct (you can usually find him on AudiogoN), but he does have some dealers scattered around if you want to hear them live. Good thing to note — this guy is at just about every show, so if you have one come to a town near you, chances are good you can bend your ear to these little monsters.

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