CES 2013: Scaena, Veloce and Kronos

Scaena makes line array loudspeakers in an oft-lamented finish that is the absolute devil to photograph properly. They use this oil-on-water/pearlescent sheen that is delightful to look at, and maybe even touch — though I’ve been told more than once that my … ah … fondling … of the equipment might border on inappropriate. Hmmpf. Fine, then! That’s what I say to that.

Introduced at CES this year is their newest, the $153,000 “Silver Ghost 10th Anniversary Edition”. The price includes six of their stacked 18″ subwoofers — these are the things that look like jet engines, always sitting a ways behind the speakers. A “true” ribbon replaces the quasi ribbon found in the down-line model.

Shown at CES with the new monos from Veloce Audio, the long-awaited but-still-not-quite-here Saetta amps and a Veloce LS-1 ($18k) preamplifier. A pair of Silver Circle Tchaik 6 conditioners fed the subwoofers and AMR source gear.

Sitting squarely atop the audio rack was my favorite turntable — the magnificent Kronos Turntable ($32k). This thing is so cool to watch — the counter-rotating platters are mesmerizing. It’s like watching a fire. You can practically feel your soul being sucked out of your eyeballs. I … can’t … look … away …. Man, oh man, I have got to get my hands on one of these. Yo! Louis Desjardins! You out there, pal? Hook a brother up! Hello? [tap, tap] Is this thing on? Hmmpf. Fine then ….