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CES 2013: A chat with Pass Labs

KEF R Series

Bryan Stanton of J.B. Stanton Communications got me 15 minutes with Pass Labs designer Wayne Colburn, the gent responsible for this year's new Xs Preamp release. Desmond Harrington, also a designer but now the company's President, was on hand too, so Bryan shooed us all in to a room where I got to hang out and ask Wayne and Desmond some questions.

This was fun — and next time, I’ll have better questions and hopefully bore everyone a little less.

Thanks again to Wayne, Desmond and Bryan!

KEF R Series

2 Comments on CES 2013: A chat with Pass Labs

  1. Dean Leroy // January 28, 2013 at 6:46 PM //

    These seem like really good unpretentious people; I bet their amps are out of sight. Thanks for posting this.

  2. PTA, you are not boring. You speak like you write, ie. with a casual (relaxed) straight to the point style:) Fun, informative interview:)

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