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AXPONA, Part 4

Part Four, aka, "The Final Bit", of my coverage of the AXPONA 2013 show in Chicago is now online at The Absolute Sound. Check me out! Do it! Do it now! Thanks to the crew over at TAS, and congrats to Steve Davis for pulling together a damn fine show. Looking forward to next year! Here's some pics to play us out.

Man Cave Metal

Kronzilla SXI

George Warren turntable motor — look ma, two feet!

Nightingale Audio — nice retro look

Dave Kleinbeck of EnKlein Cables — new cables with big (but light) connectors

First Watt SIT-1 monoblocks

VPI Classic III turntable — nice finish!

Stellavox SP 7 tape deck

Soundsmith Strain Gauge on a VPI HRX turntable with a Shroeder tonearm

New Soundsmith Strain Gauge systems

Volti Vittora in Mappa Burl

New Purity Audio SE300b mono

UHA Phase 11 analog tape machine, with MBL loudspeaker in the frame

BorderPatrol S10, a dual-mono, dual-PSU, 300b-based SET amplifier

BorderPatrol P20, a dual-PSU, 300b-based push-pull

Border Patrol “Control Unit” with Snake River Audio “Boomslang” digital cable

Snake River Audio “Snake Pit” power distribution

Lamm M2.2 monoblock amp

Miyajima Kansui on TW Acustic tonearm

TW-Acustic GT with two TW-Acustic tonearms

TW-Acustic 10.5 tonearm

TW-Acustic, Miyajima and an LP — what more could you want?

MG Audio Designs Planus III ribbon speaker cable

Veloce Audio LS-1 linestage

Aurender S10

Enjoy the Music’s Steve Rochlin and a Nottingham turntable

Sarah Rose of Tweak Studio

Rogue Audio M-180 monoblock

ModWright KWI 200 integrated

ModWright modded Oppo BDP-105

Coin flicking contest, now underway at a KEF Blade near you

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate

Stealth Dream cables, filled with helium and looking like well fed albino pythons

When was the last time you saw some Clayton Audio monoblocks?

Townshend turntable with Helius tonearm

Steve Rochlin, of Enjoy the Music, rocking the awesome shirt/time combo and some seriously retro shades

Thoress 211 monoblocks

5 Comments on AXPONA, Part 4

  1. Kemper Holt // March 19, 2013 at 11:10 PM //

    The Vittora’s look sensational in that finish, any hint about how the MG Audio cables sound? The ModWright Oppo mod looks interesting(whack a mole).

    • Part-Time Audiophile // March 20, 2013 at 8:28 AM //

      MG Audio Design cables are fantastic. Is that enough of a hint?

  2. I do appreciate you throwing a shot of a hot blond…….in leather pants…..Yow! And, go Volti Audio:)

  3. Thanks for the post.
    Just a little note.
    The small tape recorder with the big spools is NOT a Nagra but the Stellavox SP 7.
    The white wire is directly connected from the tapehead to an external preamp.
    Regards, Cor

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