CAF 2013: BorderPatrol and Living Voice


Gary Dews had a trio of 300b-based amplifiers on display, but it was the parallel single-ended P20 driving the Living Voice OBX-RW loudspeakers today. A custom transport and prototype DAC filled in the bits. The sound? Understand that I’m thoroughly biased, of course, as I’m a new BorderPatrol owner. But, if I was pressed, forced into a rhetorical corner, you could twist my arm and I’d offer up something. Sure I would.

My opinion? No one in today’s high end audio is making better low-power tube amps. Lots of folks making great gear out there, that’s true. Maybe even as good. But better? Nope.







  1. Always great sounding gear and rooms every CAF. Just magic with the Vitola big speakers – among the very best sound at this years show. I have a problem with the pricing, but if you’ve got the big bucks, don’t hesitate.

  2. Better amps? … well he did say he WAS biased!? Hearing them this year changed my mind about the amps sound in general. They would make my short list, for sure! The set up played music & sound efx beautifully! The only caveat? The speakers height raised about 3″. Gary’s choice of music was superb! … I would like to hear the s-20 on a pair of the living voice’s horn spkr ‘cousin’s! My 2 pennies.

  3. Have tried them out Scott, on a few occasions and a few different set ups to boot! They are very very good amplifiers. With that said, I would still not say no one else makes better low powered amps ….

  4. “no one in today’s high end audio is making better low-power tube amps.” …strong statement for a reviewer that listens to top level equipment such as Tron (Discovery GT), Kondo (ongaku), Shindo et al … I could understand you saying at a certain price point …but no one is making better …almost discounts your capacity to hear things as a reviewer, no?

    • Why did you miss off the crucial ‘in my opinion’ part of that quote? And why is vastly more expensive necessarily better?

      So, no to ‘no?’

      • What I meant to say Jim, was that if Scott has that opinion, then I think I am going to have to discount what his ears are capable of listening! And the brands I mentioned just happen to be more expensive …. I did not say that they are better because of the price. Understand what all of these designers are after before you just look at price tag and label yourself an opinion!

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