High End 2016: Tim De Paravicini strikes gold with Lyn Stanley


Visited the room on day one, and it was already sounding good. Very good. My initial thought was that this was the best I’ve heard EAR Yoshino electronics sound in shows for a while now. Bob Dylan’s classic Oh Mercy LP was spinning on Tim De Paravicini’s Disc Master turntable ($28.500), there was the EAR 912 reference preamplifier or as Tim calls it a “professional tube control center”, a pair of 509 power amps good for 100W/8Ohms connected to a pair of Rockport Atria speakers.

This would have been sufficient for me to give this set up some coverage but then I had the chance of bumping into Lyn Stanley, who presented her latest record Interludes in the place using Tim’s notoriously good modified Denon 610 R2R player and her own voice accompanying the tapes for those lucky enough to be found in the room at the right moment. They gave a run on the new record made from those exact tapes (yes, this is an all analog recording and not some digital to analog transfer, go buy it) but admittedly the master tape was deeper sounding, more fleshy if you allow me the term. Tim’s top of the line electronics can sound extraordinary even in show conditions.

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