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High End 2016: Goebel has a winner

June 21, 2016

Goebel High End is one of those luxury audio brands that you either love or hate. As a reviewer, I should be open-minded, but up to now my relatively limited experiences with the company’s product were pushing me towards the “hate” side. This [...]

High End 2016: Audia Flights, for real

June 19, 2016

Italian electronics manufacturer Audia Flight gave a great demo in this year’s Munich show, courtesy of the top of the line Strumento series. There was a Strumento 1 pre-amp and a pair of Strumento 8 mono power amplifiers, good for 500Watts/ 8Ohms [...]

High End 2016: Spalt Art

June 11, 2016

by Matthias Brötzmann Klaus Wangen Design presented its “Spalt Art” sound transducers. They combine classical musical instrument construction techniques with the latest speaker technology. The finest tonewood is prepared and formed as in a [...]

High End 2016: Tidal wave, cresting

June 9, 2016

Tidal Audio of Germany is a brand I’m familiar with because of a local dealer, The Voice That Is out of Philadelphia, PA. Doug White, the proprietor, introduced me to the brand several years ago — and I’ve been ruined ever since. [...]