RMAF 2017: Must See Sunday and Eric’s MVP

Photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook

Don’t fret, more in-depth coverage is coming soon from your slightly unorganized, inept, and dysfunctional writing crew at Part-Time Audiophile (I’m only including myself in this crew). In the meantime, here is a taste of what I found to be my favorite exhibits and MVP from the show. Hold over on these appetizers as we prepare to knock a few journalistic socks off in the coming days.

Legacy Audio & Raven Audio

My favorite synergy of the show goes to these two. I’ve owned Legacy speakers in the past, and had tried them on quite a few amps, admittedly they were mostly solid state, but what is found to be exponential gains in this pairing has really caused me heartfelt sorry in my now departed Legacys. They didn’t die, I just sold them to my friend Chip Williams of Chip Williams Racing School, and he loves them. More to come on that later.

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Audio Envy

My favorite pure live cable demo has to go to Audio Envy located in the Marketplace. Having a live musician doing A/B comparisons for the show-goers takes confidence and creativity most of us lack. Great demo and great sound by comparison.

Skogrand Cables

My favorite get out-of-the-way and dance cable at what I consider more earthly prices, the Skogrand Vivaldi interconnects are now on my short list of “who am I buying next?” It helps that I’ve heard great sound from the associated components Daedalus and Modwright numerous times before. Can’t wait to see what more comes from this dynamic trio.

Doshi Audio & Joseph Audio

My favorite “Make me love music I hate” room at the show was definitely this one. I didn’t want to leave. I even asked for a pillow and blanket so as to settle in for the rest of the day. The music, nothing I would choose to listen too at home, but damn was I feeling it, moving too it and dare to sound cliche’ but tapping my toe. Great sound on digital and tape. Easily one of the best exhibits at the show.

Bricasti Design & Wilson Benesch

My favorite reminder of why I love the hobby exhibit. The personal interaction with showgoers in this room was a stand out for the time I was in there. The music was more to my taste and I grant that to the fact that it wasn’t the usual hum drum of audiophiles songs seemingly stuck on repeat. It reminded me very much of a DJ party but with extremely high-end sound. Good show!

Pure Audio Project

My favorite concepts room, and I did love the sound. It takes some explaining but “Modular” and “Customizable” should be the key words to take home with you. This crosses the lines between high-end design and DIY speakers projects. It’s so genius and simple I kicked myself for not thinking of it. Sound suited to fit your tastes; isn’t that what we all want? Here is an easy way to have many different sounding speakers in your home, without ever having to drag one pair in for another. Marinate on that concept for a moment.

JWM Acoustics, Aries Cerat, Etsuro Urishi, Douglas Connection & Constellation Audio

LeBron James could win the league MVP every year but doesn’t. Yes, I’m talking about Doug White of The Voice That Is! http://www.thevoicethatis.com and his extremely consistent and dominating Tidal rooms.

However, this year’s MVP goes to the Al Stiefel Legacy Room #2018 of the above mentioned brands. JWM and Aries Cerat along with friends put forth a FLAWLESS room and presentation. Sound was as excellent as anything at the show, including systems that cost nearly a half million. It’s a room I feel that people will be talking about for many years to come. Hopefully, an listening experience I can repeat at AXPONA or Capital Audio Fest in the future. (hint hint Josh and Josh) Many showgoers were visiting the room three or more times. My full review is in the works.

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