Warsaw 2017: Boenicke, the little speaker that could

Wanna get seriously impressed by a small speaker? Wanna see how big of a sound a speaker the size of a book can throw? Visit a Boenicke room and get ready to throw your floor-standers out of the window.

There is not a single show that Boenicke did not manage to impress by the volume of air it manages to move with such a small speaker as the W5. This is easily the smallest and most capable “little marvel” I can think of, weighing in at 3.5 kilos and featuring a 3″ widebander paired to a 5.25″ long throw woofer (as in loooong throw) with a simple, quality-parts-only, 1st order crossover. It claims a bottom frequency extension of 50Hz and I do believe them; there was no hidden subwoofer in the Golden Tulip hotel room and I checked thoroughly.

Boenicke did everything in-house except for the Ayon CD player, meaning they brought their integrated amplifier and aesthetically matching cables with nice wooden finishes. The W5 speakers are very well engineered products which never failed to impress the audience.

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