Warsaw 2017: Sveda Audio with Lampizator, bread and butter


I like monitors. I fancy listening music with monitors and I got this tip, Sveda Audio makes proper recording studio monitors, they measure their creations and get some trully great results. But monitors do need a touch of warmth to get slightly more audiophile friendly and this is were Lampizator kicks in, they had a fantastic synergy during the show.

The D’Appo monitors with, you guessed it, a midrange – tweeter – midrange configuration with 150W of class AB amplification was paired to the Sveda triple driver woofer section with class D amplification while on tha back of the room a pair of big sub-woofers took care of the bottom octave. Lampizator brought the latest and shiniest of his creations, meaning the Pacific DAC, good for 30.000 euros. A beast in tube galore, DSD capable and packed with Mundorf Supreme capacitors and custom made transformers. Lampi also provided a humongous streamer PC with custom OS and all linear power supplies while another Polish company, Stacore, a specialist in pneumatic platforms made sure no vibrations were fed back into the DAC.

This was easily one of the best rooms of the entire show, the combination simply worked marvels with any kind of music. It managed voices with ease, it did the big scale classic gig with the same finesse. It wasn’t dry but it wasn’t mellow, it was plain right. A system I would have brought home with me.

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