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Wilson Audio Tunetot gets newborn pictures

Wilson Audio gave birth to its newest family member, the TuneTot loudspeaker on May 10th.  We couldn’t wait to pay this beautiful baby a visit, so 24 hours after birth we made a trip to Definitive Audio in Seattle to give them a peak.  Always exciting to see a product announcement is in sync with actual availability.

Sharing some newborn pictures…

In the nursery:

Up close…

Head, shoulders, knees and toes…

Rocking a high chair…

Wrapped up in a blanket…

Look forward to hearing more.  Part-Time Audiophile’s Lee Scoggins is working on an in-dept review. Coming soon.



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  1. BradleyP // May 17, 2018 at 3:00 PM //

    I understand that the new WATT is more or less the top 2/3 of a Sabrina, but golly that’s a *whole* lot of money for a 5″ stand mount. If I were looking for that kind of quality for my desk, I could get absolute top-notch speakers with built in amps and DACs in the smallest Barefoot monitors for under $4k, or the new JBL 705p for $2k, or several other premium pro models. In the end, this could be mainly a conspicuously consumed “lifestyle” product for the audiophile Far East, although I have no doubt it sounds very fine.

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