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DALLAS (PTA) — The rest of the Part-Time Audiophile team are packing their bags for the upcoming High End Munich audio show coming in a few weeks. It’s gonna be epic. According to various news sources, High End Munich 2019 will have over 1 million exhibition rooms, an indoor water-park, a schnitzel-eatin’ contest, and Formula 1-style go-kart racing. As for myself, I’ll be staying in America, but not staying put — I’m headed to an audio show in The Lone Star State.

The Biggest Little Audio Show In Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the small regional audio shows. The Lone Star Audio Fest is free to attend, open to the public, held at the The Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central in Dallas, Texas USA, and is scheduled to run from Thursday, May 3rd – Sunday, May 5th, 2019. Those on the Part-Time Audiophile writing staff heading to the “smaller-non-Texas-sized” show in Munich can each start wallowing in their puddle of envious tears, effective immediately. Does Munich even have BBQ?

In all seriousness, small audio shows like LSAF are a lot of fun. As a helpful guide, the team at the LSAF has given us a list of things to expect as we navigate our way around the show. Check that out below.

See you in Dallas!


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The Lone Star Audio Fest | May 3rd – May 5th 2019


Five Things to Expect | LONE STAR AUDIO FEST 2019

1) Friendly People

  • At LSAF, the attendees aren’t just people who show up. The attendees ARE the show. The sense of community built from these guys who have been showing up for years is what makes it great.

2) Experiences, Not Products

  • While exhibitors do end up selling some product at the show, it’s more about the experience than hearing a bunch of equipment being demoed by a random sales person with zero attachment to the design. At LSAF, more often than not, the person in the demo room is the owner, designer or both.

3) No Rules

  • Death metal? Yep. 101db at 3am? Sure, why not? Room to room with a beer in your hand? Not only is that fine; it’s encouraged. And speaking of beer…

4) The Beer Room

  • One of our members, Barrett Tillman, is quite the accomplished brewer. He will have a demo system on display this year (or sharing a room with someone else) but the biggest thing you’ll hear about this room is the beer. He’ll have quite the selection on tap and it will be free (to my knowledge).

#5) DIY

  • This is really the heart of the show and where it started. Many of the guys are DIY’ers and have evolved their craft into a business. Some of them just get together with a few friends, book a room, and all bring pieces of a system to put together and show as a group.


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