Fritz Speakers, and new gear from Wyred 4 Sound | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

Wyred 4 Frtiz THE Show 2019

LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Wyred 4 Sound partnered up with Fritz Speakers to put on one of the bigger sounding small and affordable systems at the show. Never before had I heard Fritz Speakers paired with subwoofers, and the full-range Fritz experience is mind blowing.

Wyred 4 Frtiz THE Show 2019

The Story

Wyred 4 Sound is known for their superbly well built and affordable electronics. Here at THE SHOW 2019, W4S was showing a complete system with a total of thirteen W4S branded components. Two of which were debut products. Firstly it was the debut of W4S’ new HCPS High Current Power Supply, but also the debut of their passive Tempus subwoofers.


Wait… Wyred 4 Sound is now making subwoofers? Yes! Using two W4S mono-amps, two new Tempus subwoofers were used to underpin the frequencies of the more than capable Fritz Carrera 7 BE monitors.

The Fritz Carrera 7 BE is a really superb loudspeaker that surprisingly works well with moderate power, as long as it’s high current. The 7-inch ScanSpeak Revelator midbass driver used in the Carrera is super dynamic and powerful to no end. The midbass being mated with a 1-inch Beryllium dome tweeter, and series crossover without any capacitors or resistors in the circuit with the tweeter and only one small inductor used on the midbass driver. Here with the W4S system, being short on power was not an issue.

Wyred 4 Frtiz THE Show 2019

The Sound

At one point we did deactivate the Tempus subwoofers, which in traditional audio show fashion, were probably being integrated into the system at a higher level of (im)balance than would be sensible in a home setting. The idea, is you are supposed to notice the subwoofers at a show, and when they went missing, we definitely noticed their absence. The Carrera 7 BE is a ridiculously capable monitor, with all of the ability to command a room of this size, but with the addition of true stereo subwoofer-ness, there are a few systems that rival this W4S/Fritz system’s ability. The integration and pace of the subwoofers with Carrera 7 BE’s was entirely working. Believable acoustic bass tones and timely thwacks of the drums arrived on time, without being over-hyped by the power on hand. Color me “Wyred-4-Fritz”.

Wyred 4 Frtiz THE Show 2019

The System

Wyred 4 Sound

– MS i3 Music Server – (as shown) $2,999 USD

– Recovery USB Reclocker – $199 USD

– DAC-2 10th Anniversary Digital Converter – $4,499 USD

– ST-750LE Power Amplifier – $1,749 USD

– SX-1000R Monoblock Power Amplifiers – $1,799 ea USD

– PS-1 Power Supply (with two zones) – $599 USD

– HCPS High Current Flexible Power Supply – $799 USD

– PCOCC USB Cables – $199 USD

– C2 Balanced Interconnects – $299 USD

– P1 Power Cables (various lengths/prices)

Kimber Kable

– 8TC Speaker Cables

Fritz Speakers

– Carrera 7 BE – $3,499 pr USD

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