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Safe and sound back at the keyboard, the PTA staff has another episode of The Occasional Podcast locked and loaded for your private consumption. The subject of this episode is the Florida Audio Expo 2020, held in Tampa FL. As you may have seen from the massive show coverage offered on the pages of PartTimeAudiophile, the sonic delights were pumping Hi-Fi vibes all weekend from the hotel rooms.

As a personal test, I decided to drop the recent Grammy sweeper and pop icon Billie Eilish as my test track when asked for a reference demo. The results were about what one might expect. Many rooms had one track or the album to stream, several (several) had no idea who the artist was. One enlightened room at the Florida Audio Expo 2020 even had her breakout album on vinyl. All in all, I did find a kind reception to the idea which bucks against the usual audiophile anthems. To be fair to exhibitors, the production on many of the tracks is quite exquisite – even if the vibe is a departure from Jazz and Classical.

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A great many thanks for the podcasting assistance from Dave McNair and Marc Phillips, whose contributions rounded out some spectacular insights for the show. There were many rooms that we all collected around completely unaided by outside forces. A testimony to the constancy and fine sounds reproduced show after show. Also special thanks to Florida Audio Expo showrunner Bart Andeer for helping us out with the intro. We were able to snatch up a few particularly engaging interviews for Season 4 of TOP at FLAX 2020 as well, so subscribe to the show to stay abreast with all the latest updates.

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