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aalborg preview

It seems a little quiet around here for the past few days. In reality, we have two big things going on–Eric Franklin Shook and crew are covering Audio Advice Live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and this weekend we’ll start seeing coverage and show reports. I, however, am wandering around Denmark eating open-faced eel sandwiches and visiting with Audio Group Denmark in Aalborg so I can finally get to the bottom of those mind-boggling Borresen M1 two-way monitors that cost $100,000/pair USD. So here’s a small Aalborg preview while I sort through all of these notes and photographs.

audio group denmark big system

I know. You really wanted to see a photo of that open faced eel sandwich I had in downtown Aalborg. But this might tide you over–a photo of the big room at Audio Group Denmark. If you don’t know AGD, they are the Danish manufacturers of Borresen speakers, Aavik amplification and sources, and Ansuz cables and power management. This system was the big system, with many of the flagship products from AGD including the incredible Borresen 05 speakers with range from $132,000/pr USD to $214,500/pr USD depending on options.

They have four separate listening rooms where I was able to do A/B comparisons between every single product they make. When I say make, I mean it–they make everything in house, and have a stunning factory where it all gets done.

aalborg preview

This is Lars Kristensen, owner and founder of Audio Group Denmark and a fine bartender as well. This amazing Irish pub in Aalborg is actually inside the AGD factory, which partially explains why Denmark is often rated as the Happiest Country in the World. But there’s a reason for the pub. Among the many fine spirits you’ll find AGD’s own cryogenically treated gin.

Have I told you that this company is dedicated to cryogenic treatments? Well, I was able to sample the gin before and after cryo, and I definitely prefer after–there was more aroma to tempt my nose, and the gin was powerful but very drinkable.

aalborg gin

I forgot to mention something. I don’t like gin. But after Lars taught me how to make the perfect gin and tonic in Aalborg, I do. Is it the cryogenics?

michael borresen and fleming rasmussen

These two gentlemen are Michael Borresen (l), whose name you might recognize, and Flemming Rasmussen (r), whose name you might also recognize. Michael does a big chunk of the engineering at Audio Group Denmark–he and Lars started Raidho Acoustics together. Fleming, who founded The Gryphon and made their legendary Head Amp phono stage, serves as AED’s designer.

Finally, here are some shots of Aalborg, the ancient city that once served as Viking headquarters so many centuries ago. It’s a beautiful city, charming, and there’s an amazing amount of things to do here. While some of the other principals at AGD love their respective home towns in Denmark, Lars is partial to Aalborg and I can see why.


radisson blu limfjord

danish army

bang and olufsen

And since you made it this far, here’s a photo of an open-faced eel sandwich I had in Aalborg. It was delicious, too.

eel sammich


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