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Børresen M1 loudspeaker

I’ve been talking and thinking about this darned Børresen M1 loudspeaker so much the last few weeks, it didn’t even occur to me that they hadn’t been officially announced until now. If you haven’t been following my adventures in Denmark so far, here’s the story so far.

At Munich, I heard the Børresen M1 loudspeaker which, upon casual inspection, looks a lot like most of the two-way monitors from this Danish company which start at $12,000/pr USD. It’s sleek and gorgeous and the fit and finish is stunning, but nothing will prepare you for the sound. I was dumbfounded by the deep bass and the huge soundstage, and I knew I had to find out what made them tick. So I travelled to Aalborg, a beautiful little city in the north part of Jutland, and I learned as much as I could about these little miracles–which happen to retail for $100,000/pr USD.

audio group denmark

Before you roll your eyes at the so-called runaway prices of high-end audio gear, you’ll have to read my upcoming take on the Børresen M1 loudspeaker and the people at Audio Group Germany who make them. Until then, here’s the press release:

Børresen’s Audio engineering division proudly introduces the new M1 loudspeaker. The M1 is Michael Børresen’s most ambitious loudspeaker project to date. The development approach and design philosophy for the Børresen M1 loudspeaker was to create a loudspeaker without any economic and technological constraints and with an absolutely unrivalled sound potential. A very challenging task – but also the dream of every audio engineer.

Particularly for Michael, it was a long-cherished dream. Since his youth, Michael Børresen has challenged the potential of various kinds of existing devices and had a strong desire to create and redesign them to improve and enhance their potential. Due to his love of music, one of his favorites has always been to analyze individual audio components and seek ways to improve them significantly.

Therefore, the Børresen M1 loudspeaker project was a dream project, based on a vast amount of knowledge in the field of audio equipment manufacturing and a lifelong passion, without any limitations. For the M1 project, Michael Børresen and his team of audio engineers and designers borrowed and applied some of the most innovative technologies from premium Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen products – all these technologies are the result of a long and intensive research and development process. No wonder, then, that the new M1 carries the best of the Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen DNA. However, the crucial technologies and most critical features of the M1 are new and unique to this model. Børresen introduces some absolutely groundbreaking and unique elements to the new Børresen M1 loudspeaker.

borresen m1 loudspeaker basket

The Børresen M1 loudspeaker basket alone is a remarkable feat of engineering:

The Børresen M1 loudspeaker basket is a real revolution – it is a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of zirconium, which ensures maximum rigidity and thus minimum vibration and resonance. The basket is not just a placeholder for the membrane. The energy generated by the membrane is also held by the structure behind it. The goal was therefore to eliminate the noise of the basket by designing a basket with maximum stiffness. Studies were conducted using computer-optimized finite element designs, resulting in a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of the exclusive material zirconium.

Børresen has not only designed a basket with extreme stiffness, but also added important factors such as tremendous internal damping and resonance control, resulting in extreme clarity in overall performance.

Thanks to the 3D printing process, the cavities are filled with zirconium powder, which gives the basket additional damping properties. Zirconium is by far the best choice of material, since it allows the basket to generate an inconceivable quality of natural sound.

100,000 mini monitor

Here are the specs on the Børresen M1 loudspeaker:

USD MSRP: $100.000
EURO MSRP: €94.000

Expected to be available in October 2022

Frequency response: 40Hz-50KHz
Sensitivity: 87 dB /1W
Impedance: 6 ohms
Recommended Amplifier: 50W
1x Børresen planar ribbon tweeter
1x M1 series bass/midrange driver: 4.5 Inches
Finish: Black piano lacquer

Speaker & Stand
H x W x D: 110,3x26x44 cm
H x W x D: 43,3×10,2×17,3 Inches
Weight: 23,6 kg – 52 lbs
H x W x D: 36,8x20x44 cm

H x W x D: 14,5×7,9×17,3 Inches
Weight: 14,1 kg – 31 lbs
H x W x D: 73,5x26x41,5 cm
H x W x D: 28,9×10,2×16,3 Inches
Weight: 9,5 kg – 20 lbs

For a closer look at the new Børresen M1 loudspeaker, please visit the Audio Group Denmark website.

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